Learn These Words First

Lesson 1

1A. to see, saw, seen. thing, something, what. this, these. the other, another, else.

1B. is the same as, be, am, are, being, was, were. one of. two of. person, people.

1C. many of, much of. inside. not, do not, does not, did not.

1D. some of. all of. there is, there are. more than.

1E. live, alive. big. small. very.

1F. kind of. if, then. touch. far from. near to.

1G. in a place, someplace, where. above. on a side of.

1H. hear, heard. say to, said about. word. true.

Lesson 2

2A. like. have, has, had, belong to. part of.

2B. do to, does with, doing, did, done. happen to. because of.

2C. think about, thought. know about, knew, known. want. can, could, cannot.

2D. bad for. good for, well. feel, felt.

2E. at a time, when. before. for a long time. for a short time. move to.

2F. I, me. you. here. now.

2G. someone, who, whom. after. for some time. in a moment.

2H. the body of. die, dying, dead. maybe. below.

Lesson 3

3A. that. and. or. it, they, them.

3B. its, their. your. my. a, an.

3C. the. animal. cause. but.

3D. use, using. each of. exist. become, became.

3E. different. make, made. contain. container.

3F. try, tries, tried. change. on the surface of.

3G. choose, chose, chosen. between. from. machine.

3H. damage. difficult. easy, easily. control.

Lesson 4

4A. put. able. shape of. colour of.

4B. towards. hold, held. pull.

4C. then. out of. into.

4D. eye. look at. mark. write, wrote, written.

4E. draw, drew, drawn. plan. expect. important.

4F. tell, told. less than. will. through.

4G. need. most of. bottom of. down.

4H. air. breathe. eat, ate, eaten. food.

Lesson 5

5A. gas. solid. hole in. liquid.

5B. three of. four of. five of. group of.

5C. child, children. female. male. parent of.

5D. mouth. drink, drank, drunk. young. milk.

5E. end of. up. lift. long.

5F. grow, grew, grown. heavy. length of.

5G. connect to. often. white. light.

5H. building. number of. count. enjoy.

Lesson 6

6A. water. plant. ground. dry, dries, dried.

6B. distance between. narrow. wide. several of.

6C. on top of. in front of. back of. behind.

6D. quick, quickly. centre of. round. around.

6E. sound. loud. high. low.

6F. prevent. fall, fell, fallen. head. hit.

6G. stop. hot. cold.

6H. compare with. weight of. measure.

Lesson 7

7A. flat. green. thin. tree.

7B. carry. sleep, slept. arm. hand.

7C. adult. man, men. woman, women. he, him, his. she, her.

7D. start. burn, burnt. music.

7E. hurt. hard. press.

7F. promise. sexual. marry. family.

7G. likely. cut. piece of. taste.

7H. circle. picture of. stone. find, found.

Lesson 8

8A. allow. turn. metal. vehicle.

8B. hair. twist. string.

8C. six of. seven of. eight of. nine of. ten of.

8D. give to, gave, given. mix. paper. cover.

8E. rule. government. work. money.

8F. leg. help. disease. healthy.

8G. straight. sun. day. sky, skies.

8H. mean, meant. hundred of. learn, learnt.

Lesson 9

9A. seed. fruit. buy, bought. black.

9B. clothing. cloth. bread.

9C. month. year. fly, flies, flew, flown. bird.

9D. egg. yellow. red. square.

9E. electricity. blood. amount of.

9F. read. country. soldier. story.

9G. push. atom. chemical. sweet.

9H. foot, feet. play. game. beautiful.

Lesson 10

10A. thousand of. boat. rub. metre.

10B. show, shown. laugh. wheel. zero of.

10C. business. hour. clay. explode.

10D. happy. angry. fear. radio.

10E. sad. careful, carefully. brown. love.

10F. tall. name of. sit, sat.

10G. similar. multiply by. alcohol. fish.

10H. grain. salt. fat. coal.

Lesson 11

11A. kilogram. sentence. cat. sour.

11B. bone. clean. sheep.

11C. decide if. god. nose. win, won.

11D. tube. flower. blue.

11E. smooth. school. lead, led. book.

11F. only. go to, goes, going, went. we, us. pay, paid.

11G. first. explain. by. lesson.

11H. take, took, taken. better than. own. which of.

Lesson 12

12A. doctor. police. law.

12B. ask. question. yes. no.

12C. room. line. toilet. floor.

12D. noun. add. sharp. dangerous.

12E. verb. strong. why. how.

12F. right. left. tool. wood.

12G. dog. ear. car. house.

12H. hello. please. thank. sorry.

2000 More Words

Here are 2000 more words, explained using only the words you learned above:

A. a. abbreviation. ability. able. about. above. abroad. absence. absent. accept. acceptable. accident. accidental. accordance. according to. account. ache. achieve. achievement. acid. across. act. action. active. activity. actor. actress. actual. actually. add. addition. additional. address. adjective. admiration. admire. admit. admittance. adult. advance. advanced. advantage. adventure. adverb. advertise. advertisement. advice. advise. affair. affect. afford. afraid. after. afternoon. afterwards. again. against. age. ago. agree. agreement. ahead. aim. air. aircraft. airport. alcohol. alike. alive. all. allow. almost. alone. along. aloud. alphabet. already. also. although. altogether. always. am, are. among. amount. amuse. amusement. amusing. an. ancient. and. anger. angle. angry. animal. ankle. announce. annoy. annoyance. annoying. another. answer. ant. anxiety. anxious. any. anybody. anyhow. anyone. anything. anywhere. apart. apartment. apparatus. appear. appearance. apple. appoint. approval. approve. arch. area. argue. argument. arm. armour, (armor). arms. army. around. arrange. arrangement. arrival. arrive. art. article. artificial. as. as opposed to. ash. ashamed. aside. ask. asleep. association. at. ate. atom. attack. attempt. attend. attendance. attention. attitude. attract. attractive. aunt. authority. autumn. available. average. avoid. awake. away. awkward.

B. baby. back. background. backward, backwards. bacteria. bad. bag. bake. balance. ball. banana. band. bank. bar. bare. barrel. base. basic. basket. bath. bathe. battle. be, am, are, is, being, was, were, been. beach. beak. beam. bean. bear, bore, borne. beard. beat, beaten. beautiful. beauty. because. become, became. bed. bee. beer. before. beg. begin, began, begun. beginning. behave. behaviour, (behavior). behind. belief. believe. bell. belong. below. belt. bend, bent. beneath. berry. beside. besides. best. better. between. beyond. bicycle. big. bill. bind, bound. bird. birth. birthday. bit. bite, bit, bitten. bitter. black. blade. blame. bleed, bled. bless. blind. block. blood. blow, blew. blue. board. boat. body. boil. bomb. bone. book. boot. border. bored. boring. born. borrow. both. bottle. bottom. bowels. bowl. box. boy. brain. branch. brass. brave. bread. breadth. break, broke, broken. breakfast. breast. breath. breathe. breed, bred. brick. bridge. bright. bring, brought. broad. broadcast. brother. brown. brush. bucket. build, built. building. bullet. bunch. burial. burn, burnt. burst. bury. bus. bush. business. busy. but. butter. button. buy, bought. by.

C. cage. cake. calculate. calculator. call. calm. camera. camp. can, could. candle. cannot. cap. capital. captain. car. card. cardboard. care. careful, carefully. careless. carriage. carry. cart. case. castle. cat. catch, caught. cattle. cause. ceiling. celebrate. cell. cement. cent. centimetre, (centimeter). central. centre, (center). century. ceremony. certain. chain. chair. chairperson. chalk. chance. change. character. charge. charm. chase. cheap. cheat. check. cheek. cheer. cheerful. cheese. chemical. chemistry. cheque, (check). chest. chicken. chief. child, children. childhood. chimney. chin. chocolate. choice. choose, chose, chosen. church. cigarette. cinema. circle. circular. citizen. city. civilization. claim. class. clay. clean. clear. clerk. clever. cliff. climb. clock. clockwork. close. cloth. clothes. clothing. cloud. club. coal. coast. coat. coffee. coin. cold. collar. collect. college. colour, (color). comb. combination. combine. come, came. comfort. comfortable. command. committee. common. communicate. communication. companion. company. compare. comparison. compete. competition. competitor. complain. complaint. complete. completely. complicated. compound. computer. concern. concerning. concert. condition. confidence. confident. confuse. confusing. connect. connection. conscience. conscious. consider. consist, consist of. consonant. contain. container. contents. continue. continuous. contract. control. convenient. conversation. cook. cool. copper. copy. cord. corn. corner. correct. cost. cotton. cough. could. council. count. country. countryside. courage. course. court. cover. cow. coward. cowardly. crack. crash. crazy. cream. creature. creep, crept. cricket. crime. criminal. criticism. criticize. crop. cross. crowd. cruel. cruelty. crush. cry, cries, cried. cultivate. cup. cupboard. cure. curl. current. curse. curtain. curve. custom. customer. cut. cycle.

D. daily. damage. dance. danger. dangerous. dare. daring. dark. date. daughter. day. dead. deal. deal with, dealt with. dear. death. debt. decay. deceit. deceive. decide. decimal. decision. declaration. declare. decorate. decoration. decrease. deep. deer. defeat. defence, (defense). defend. definite, definitely. degree. delay. deliberate, deliberately. delicate. delight. deliver. demand. department. depend. dependent. depth. descend. describe. description. descriptive. desert. deserve. design. desirable. desire. desk. destroy. destruction. detail. determination. determined. develop. devil. diamond. dictionary. die, dying. difference. different. difficult. difficulty. dig, dug. dinner. dip. direct. direction. dirt. dirty. dis-. disappoint. disappointing. discourage. discouragement. discover. discovery. discuss. discussion. disease. dish. dismiss. distance. distant. ditch. divide. division. do, does, doing, did, done. doctor. document. dog. dollar. door. doorway. dot. double. doubt. down. drag. draw, drew, drawn. drawer. dream, dreamt. dress. drink, drank, drunk. drive, drove, driven. drop. drown. drug. drum. drunk. dry, dries, dried. duck. dull. during. dust. duty.

E. each. eager. ear. early. earn. earth. east. eastern. easy, easily. eat, ate, eaten. economic. edge. educate. educated. education. effect. effective. effort. egg. eight. eighth. either. elastic. elbow. elect. election. electric. electricity. electronic. elephant. else. embarrass. embarrassing. emotion. emphasize. employ. employer. employment. empty. enclose. enclosure. encourage. encouragement. end. enemy. energy. engine. engineer. English. enjoy. enjoyable. enjoyment. enough. enter. entertain. entertainment. entrance. envelope. environment. equal. equality. equipment. escape. especially. establish. establishment. even. evening. event. ever. every. everybody. everyone. everything. everywhere. evil. exact, exactly. examination. examine. example. excellent. except. exchange. excite. excited. exciting. excuse. exercise. exist. existence. expect. expensive. experience. explain. explanation. explode. explosion. explosive. express. expression. extreme, extremely. eye. eyelid.

F. face. fact. factory. fail. failure. faint. fair. fairly. fairy. faith. faithful. fall, fell, fallen. false. fame. familiar. family. famous. fancy. far. farm. farmer. farmyard. fashion. fashionable. fast. fasten. fat. fate. father. fault. favour, (favor). favourable, (favorable). favourite, (favorite). fear. feather. feature. feed, fed. feel, felt. feeling. feelings. fellow. female. fence. fever. few. field. fierce. fifth. fight, fought. figure. fill. film. final. finally. financial. find, found. find out, found out. fine. finger. finish. fire. fireplace. firm. first. fish. fisherman, fishermen. fit. five. fix. flag. flame. flash. flat. flesh. flight. float. flood. floor. flour. flow. flower. fly, flies, flew, flown. fold. follow. fond. food. fool. foolish. foot, feet. football. footpath. footstep. for. forbid, forbade, forbidden. force. forehead. foreign. foreigner. forest. forget, forgot, forgotten. forgive, forgave, forgiven. fork. form. formal. former, formerly. fort. fortunate. fortune. forward, forwards. four. fourth. fox. frame. free. freedom. freeze, froze, frozen. frequent. fresh. friend. friendly. frighten. frightening. from. front. fruit. fulfil, (fulfill). full. fun. funeral. funny. fur. furnish. furniture. further. future.

G-H. gain. game. garage. garden. garment. gas. gate. gather. general, generally. generous. gentle. gentleman, gentlemen. get, got, gotten. gift. girl. give, gave, given. glad. glass. glory. glue. go, goes, going, went, gone. goat. god. gold. golden. good. goodbye. goods. govern. government. grace. graceful. gradual. grain. gram. grammar. grand. grandfather. grandmother. grandparent. grass. grateful. grave. great. green. greet. greeting. grey, (gray). grief. grieve. ground. group. grow, grew, grown. growth. guard. guess. guest. guidance. guide. guilt. guilty. gun. habit. habitual. hair. hairy. half, halves. hall. hammer. hand. handkerchief. handle. hang, hung, hanged. happen. happy. hard. harden. hardly. hardship. harm. harmful. harmless. hasty. hat. hate. hatred. have, has, had. he. head. health. healthy. hear, heard. heart. heat. heaven. heavy. heel. height. hello. help. helpful. hen. her. here. hers. herself. hide, hid, hidden. high. hill. him. himself. hire. his. historical. history. hit. hold, held. hole. holiday. hollow. holy. home. honest. honesty. honour, (honor). honourable, (honorable). hook. hope. hopeful. hopeless. horizon. horn. horse. hospital. host. hot. hotel. hour. hourly. house. how. human. humorous. humour, (humor). hundred. hundredth. hunger. hungry. hunt. hurry. hurt. husband. hut.

I-J-K. I. ice. icy. idea. if. ignore. ill. illegal. illness. im-. image. imaginary. imagination. imagine. immediately. importance. important. impressive. improve. improvement. in. in-. in spite of. include. including. income. increase. independent. indoor. indoors. industrial. industry. infect. infection. infectious. influence. influential. inform. information. injure. injury. ink. inner. inquire. inquiry. insect. inside. instead. institution. instruct. instruction. instrument. insult. insulting. insurance. insure. intelligence. intelligent. intend. intention. interest. interesting. international. interrupt. into. introduce. introduction. invent. invention. invitation. invite. involve. inwards. ir-. iron. is. island. it. its. itself. jaw. jealous. jealousy. jelly. jewel. jewellery, (jewelry). job. join. joint. joke. journey. joy. judge. judgment. juice. jump. just. justice. keen. keep, kept. key. kick. kill. kilo. kilogram. kilometre, (kilometer). kind. king. kingdom. kiss. kitchen. knee. kneel, knelt. knife. knock. knot. know, knew, known. knowledge.

L-M. labour, (labor). lack. ladder. lady. lake. lamb. lamp. land. language. large. last. late. lately. laugh. laughter. law. lawyer. lay, laid. layer. lazy. lead, led. leaf, leaves. lean. learn, learnt. least. leather. leave, left. left. leg. legal. lend, lent. length. less. lesson. let. let go of. letter. level. library. lid. lie, lying, lied, lay, lain. lie down, lying down, lay down, lain down. life, lives. lift. light, lit. lightning. like. likely. limb. limit. line. lion. lip. liquid. list. listen. literature. litre, (liter). little. live. load. loaf, loaves. local. lock. lodging, lodgings. log. lonely. long. look. look after. look for. look up. loose. lord. lose, lost. loss. lot. loud. love. low. lower. loyal. loyalty. luck. lucky. lump. lung. machine. machinery. mad. magazine. magic. magician. mail. main. make, made. make into, made into. make up, made up. male. man, men. manage. manager. manner. many. map. march. mark. market. marriage. married. marry. mass. master. mat. match. material. mathematics. matter. may. maybe. me. meal. mean, meant. meaning. means. measure. measurement. meat. medical. medicine. meet, met. meeting. melt. member. memory. mend. mental. mention. merry. message. messenger. metal. method. metre, (meter). metric. microscope. middle. might. mile. military. milk. million. millionth. mind. mine. mineral. minister. minute. mirror. miss. mist. mistake. mix. mixture. model. modern. moment. money. monkey. month. monthly. moon. moral. morals. more. morning. most. mother. motor. mountain. mouse, mice. mouth. move. movement. much. mud. multiply. murder. muscle. music. musician. must. my. myself. mysterious. mystery.

N-O. nail. name. narrow. nasty. nation. national. natural. nature. naval. navy. near. nearly. neat. necessary. neck. need. needle. negative. neighbour, (neighbor). neighbourhood, (neighborhood). neither. nerve. nervous. nest. net. network. never. new. news. newspaper. next. nice. night. nine. ninth. no. no one. noble. nobleman. noise. non-. none. nonsense. nor. normal. north. northern. nose. not. note. nothing. notice. noticeable. noun. now. nowhere. number. nurse. nut. nylon. o'clock. obedient. obey. object. obtain. occasion. ocean. odd. of. off. offence, (offense). offend. offensive. offer. office. officer. official. often. oil. old. old-fashioned. on. once. one. oneself. onion. only. only just. onto. open. operate. operation. opinion. opponent. opportunity. oppose. opposite. opposition. or. orange. order. ordinary. organ. organise, (organize). organization. origin. original. other. otherwise. ought. our, ours. ourselves. out. outdoor. outdoors. outer. outside. over. owe, owing. owing to. own. owner. oxygen.

P. pack. package. packet. page. pain. painful. paint. painting. pair. palace. pale. pan. paper. parallel. parcel. parent. park. parliament. part. participle. particular. partly. partner. party. pass. passage. passenger. past. pastry. path. patience. patient. pattern. pause. pay, paid. payment. peace. peaceful. pen. pence. pencil. pepper. per. per cent, percent. perfect. perform. performance. perhaps. period. permanent. permission. permit. person, people. personal. persuade. pet. petrol. photograph. photography. phrase. physical. piano. pick. pick up. picture. piece. pig. pile. pilot. pin. pink. pipe. pity. place. plain. plan. plane. plant. plastic. plate. play. pleasant. please. pleased. pleasure. plenty. plural. pocket. poem. poet. poetry. point. pointed. poison. poisonous. pole. police. polish. polite. political. politician. politics. pool. poor. popular. popularity. population. port. position. positive. possess. possession. possibility. possible. possibly. post. pot. potato. pound. pour. powder. power. powerful. practical. practice, practise. praise. pray. prayer. precious. prefer. preparation. prepare. presence. present. preserve. president. press. pressure. pretend. pretty. prevent. previous. price. prickly. pride. priest. prince. principle. print. prison. prisoner. private. prize. probability. probably. problem. process. procession. produce. product. production. profession. profit. programme, (program). progress. promise. pronounce. pronunciation. proof. proper. property. proposal. protect. protection. protective. protest. proud. prove, proven. provide. provision. provisions. public. pull. pump. punish. punishment. pupil. pure. purple. purpose. push. put.

Q-R. quality. quantity. quarrel. quarter. queen. question. quick, quickly. quiet. quite. rabbit. race. radio. railway. rain. raise. range. rank. rapid. rare. rat. rate. rather. raw. re-. reach. react. reaction. read. ready. real. realize. really. reason. reasonable. receive. recent. recently. recognition. recognize. record. red. reduce. reduction. refusal. refuse. regard. regular. related. relation. relationship. relative. relax. relaxing. religion. religious. remain. remark. remember. remind. remove. rent. repair. repeat. replace. reply. report. represent. representative. republic. request. respect. respectful. responsible. rest. restaurant. restrict. result. return. reward. rice. rich. rid, rid of. ride, rode, ridden. right. ring. ripe. rise, rose, risen. risk. river. road. rob. rock. rod. roll. romantic. roof. room. root. rope. rose. rough. round. row. royal. rub. rubber. rude. ruin. rule. ruler. run, ran. rush.

S. sad. safe. safety. sail. sale. salt. same. sand. satisfaction. satisfactory. satisfy. save. say, said. scale. scatter. scene. scenery. school. science. scientific. scientist. scissors. screen. screw. sea. search. season. seat. second. secrecy. secret. secretary. see, saw, seen. seed. seem. seize. sell, sold. send, sent. sensation. sense. senseless. sensible. sensitive. sentence. separate. series. serious. servant. serve. service. set. settle. seven. seventh. several. severe. sew, sewn. sex. sexual. shade. shadow. shake, shook, shaken. shall. shame. shape. share. sharp. she. sheep. sheet. shelf, shelves. shell. shelter. shield. shine, shone. shiny. ship. shirt. shock. shocking. shoe. shoot, shot. shop. shopkeeper. shore. short. shot. should. shoulder. shout. show, shown. shut. shy. sick. side. sideways. sight. sign. signal. signature. silence. silent. silk. silly. silver. similar. similarity. simple. since. sincere. sing, sang, sung. single. singular. sink, sank, sunk. sister. sit, sat. situation. six. sixth. size. skilful, (skillful). skill. skin. skirt. sky, skies. slave. sleep, slept. slide, slid. slight. slip. slippery. slope. slow. small. smell. smile. smoke. smooth. snake. snow. so. soap. social. society. sock. soft. soil. soldier. solemn. solid. solution. solve. some. somebody. somehow. someone. someplace. something. sometimes. somewhere. son. song. soon. sore. sorrow. sorry. sort. soul. sound. soup. sour. south. southern. space. spacecraft. spade. speak, spoke, spoken. spear. special. specialist. specific. speech. speed. spell, spelt. spend, spent. spin, spun. spirit. spite. splendid. split. spoil, spoilt. spoon. sport. spot. spread. spring, sprang, sprung. square. stage. stair. stamp. stand, stood. standard. star. start. state. statement. station. stay. steady. steal, stole, stolen. steam. steel. steep. stem. step. stick, stuck. sticky. stiff. still. sting, stung. stitch. stomach. stone. stop. store. storm. story. straight. strange. stranger. stream. street. strength. stretch. strict. strike, struck. string. stroke. strong. structure. struggle. student. study. stupid. style. subject. substance. subtract. succeed. success. successful. such. suck. sudden. suffer. sugar. suggest. suit. suitable. sum. summer. sun. supper. supply. support. suppose. sure. surface. surprise. surprising. surround. swallow. swear, swore, sworn. sweep, swept. sweet. swell, swollen. swim, swam, swum. swing, swung. sword. sympathetic. sympathy. system.

T. table. tail. take, took, taken. talk. tall. taste. tax. taxi. tea. teach, taught. team. tear, tore, torn. technical. telephone. television. tell, told. temper. temperature. temple. temporary. ten. tend. tendency. tender. tennis. tense. tent. terrible. terror. test. than. thank. that. the. theatre, (theater). their. theirs. them. themselves. then. there. therefore. these. they. thick. thief, thieves. thin. thing. think, thought. third. thirst. thirsty. this. thorough. those. though. thousand. thousandth. thread. threat. threaten. threatening. three. throat. through. throw, threw, thrown. thumb. thunder. thus. ticket. tidy. tie, tying. tiger. tight. time. timetable. tin. tire. tired. tiring. title. to. tobacco. today. toe. together. toilet. tomorrow. tongue. tonight. too. tool. tooth, teeth. top. total. touch. tour. tourist. towards. tower. town. toy. track. trade. traditional. traffic. train. training. translate. transparent. trap. travel. treat. treatment. tree. tremble. tribe. trick. trip. tropical. trouble. trousers. true. trunk. trust. truth. try, tries, tried. tube. tune. turn. twice. twist. two. type. typical. tyre, (tire).

U-V-W-X-Y-Z. ugly. un-. uncle. under. understand, understood. underwear. undo, undoes, undid, undone. unexpected. uniform. union. unit. unite. universal. universe. university. unless. until. unusual. up. upper. upright. upset. upside down. upstairs. urge. urgent. us. use, using. useful. useless. usual, usually. valley. valuable. value. variety. various. vary. vegetable. vehicle. verb. very. victory. view. village. violence. violent. visit. voice. vote. vowel. voyage. wages. waist. wait. waiter. wake. walk. wall. wander. want. war. warm. warmth. warn. warning. was, were. wash. waste. watch. water. wave. way. we. weak. wealth. weapon. wear, wore, worn. weather. weave, wove, woven. wedding. week. weekly. weigh. weight. welcome. well. went. west. western. wet. what. whatever. wheat. wheel. when. whenever. where. whether. which. whichever. while. whip. whisper. whistle. white. who. whoever. whole. whom. whose. why. wicked. wide. widespread. width. wife, wives. wild. will. willing. win, won. wind, wound. window. wine. wing. winter. wire. wisdom. wise. wish. with. within. without. witness. woman, women. wonder. wood. wooden. wool. woollen, (woolen). word. work. world. worm. worry. worse. worship. worst. worth. worthy. would. wound. wrap. wreck. wrist. write, wrote, written. wrong. wrongdoing. yard. year. yearly. yellow. yes. yesterday. yet. you. young. your. yours. yourself. youth. zero.

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